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Coordinator of PBL-BioAfrica promoted to Dean of Faculty

Professor Patience Mshenga, Local Coordinator of PBL-BioAfrica, has been elected the first female Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at Egerton University.

Professor Patience Mshenga, Local Coordinator of the project PBL-BioAfrica at Egerton University, Kenya, has been promoted to Dean of Faculty of Agriculture. She is an Agribusiness Management expert and former Chair of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management.

Professor Mshenga also serves on the Executive Board of the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA), Board Member of Farming Systems (FSK) and Chairperson of the Academic committee of the Collaborative Masters in Agricultural and Applied Economics programme (a Master’s degree programme offered in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa but with students from all over Africa) under the African Economic Research Consortium.

Professor Mshenga has a keen interest in agribusiness development and a passion for youth employment creation through agripreneurship. She has extensive skills and experience in models for strengthening micro, small and medium-scale enterprises including entrepreneurial development as well as farm and non-farm linkages.

“This is a great honour to me and I would wish to thank the Faculty members for electing me as the first female Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of Egerton University since its inception", Professor Mshenga says.

As one of PBL-BioAfrica’s objectives is to promote women’s role in bioeconomy education and entrepreneurship to mitigate the existing gender bias, the team is especially pleased with this promotion. The project team congratulates Prof Mshenga and appreciates her for her hard work that has led her to this respectable position.


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