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HAMK students arrived to Zambia

HAMK students arrived to Zambia for the last part of AGS Co-creation and Innovation programme cooperation

Text Jenni Hopeela

The AGS program offers concrete support for Zambian enterprises to develop their business concepts for future challenges and opportunities in the Zambian market. Companies are working in the field of agribusiness, renewable energy and circular economy.

Students from HAMK, University of Zambia and Mulungushi University have been working in cross-cultural teams with entrepreneurs to solve real-life challenges the businesses have. The program consists of three 3-day workshops, two were conducted online. The last part is face-to-face and will take place next week.

HAMK and UNZA students meeting. Photo: Jenni Hopeela

Students have other program too for their field work in Zambia. They are collaborating with Unza students to visit local innovation hubs and meet some of the companies involved in the AGS programme. They will also go together with Unza students to attend AgriTech Expo that is going on during 7.-9.4. AgriTech Expo is a professional business led event servicing the needs of the entire agri-value chain in Zambia and its neighboring countries. The expo caters to large scale commercial farmers as well as emerging and small scale farmers.

Students are exited to be part of these actions and look forward for all the experiences and learnings they will acquire. They hope to produce an useful results and do their part in developing international cooperations.


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