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New round of Student projects have started!

Four (4) student projects are being implemented in collaboration with partners in Finland, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa and Ghana.

Students work in mixed teams (from different disciplines and countries) to solve these practical, real-life challenges. Most challenges are in the field of agribusiness, bioeconomy and forestry. Learning through real-life challenges aims to equip the students with work-life relevant skills and competences including teamwork, critical thinking, innovativeness, cross-cultural communication and entrepreneurial mindset.

The companies on board are finnish company Arctic Kultasuklaa, who continuing the collaboration with HAMK investigating the Sustainable Cocoa Business in Ghana. In South Africa we are operating with Green Carbon with the project about Climate Smart Forestry. In Zambia students are working with AGS Co-creation and Innovation Programme and in Kenya students dig into Liquid Biofuel.

Exciting things are on the way again!


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